Artist: BESATT
Title: Hail Lucifer
Format: CD
Cat. Nr: HA004

Hellish Black Metal From Poland. The Re-issue for South America only, 500 Copies.

Country: Poland
Release Date: November '02 A.D
Availability: SOLD OUT

One of the most extreme Satanic Hellish Black Metal bands from Poland. A re-edition of their Debut Album from later of 90's. The piece is a South American version of this blasphemous polish horde, just Satanic Black Kult to BM worshipers. Limited to 500 copies.

¡¡Satan They Call You Master of Evil so You Are the Master of World Cause the Evil is Inside Us!!

Besatt “Hail Lucifer”

I. Intro
II: Revelation
III. Antichrist
IV. Black Banner
V. My Truth
VI. War
VII. Hail Lucifer
VIII. Mad Minds
IX. Outro