Title: Satanic Crusade - Colombian Tour 2001
Format: VHS (Limited 250 Copies)
Cat. Nr: HA002

More Than 50 Minutes, Including Intro and Outrro, Edited Video and Proffesional. Limited to 250 Copies.

Country: Norway
Release Date: February '02 A.D
Availability: SOLD OUT

Live in Cali - Colombia, October 27th - 2001 A.D

...And the Satanic Army is ready to attack. After the invasion to Colombian Lands, where those days (Oct. 26 Bogota - Oct. 27 Cali) Gorgoroth show its fury on stage. This is the first time, that these Norwegian Legions visit South American fields... With Frost (Satyricon / 1349) as session member... More than 50 minutes in Video (VHS) of total Blasphemy. Including intro and outro, Edited and with a devastation in the cover Art...
Limited to 250 copies only.

"The Satanic Army Is Ready to Show Its Fury ... In His Name ... Hail Satan ..."