...Lucifer is the Essence which Constitute Me, the Spirit of My Existencee"

… Under the sign of Lux Ferre, together everything and nothing in the clear light of darkness… NEBIROS raises from the ashes its ineffable armor, almost 12 years of silence to be unleashed “Más Que Vencedor”, 2nd Album after the mythical “Guerreros de Lucifer” ’95, and they were the first Colombian Black Metal band into the Left Hand Path Kult from 1990. Now, “Más Que Vencedor” on Regular CD with 11 tracks in their pure old school, just Extreme Luciferian BM, this includes a homage to Quorthon with BATHORY’s cover “Stallion”. The Digipack CD Version in Inverted Cross layout, the 11 tracks + as bonus “Espérame en el Infierno” 7’EP unreleased ever with 3 tracks + Poster + Button with the shield of the band, this edition limited to 666 copies only.
"Black Metal is Kult, Musik And Ideology...
Title: Más Que Vencedor
Format: Regular CD - Digipack CD (Inverted Cross, Limited 666 Copies)
Cat. Nr: HA015
Information: Más Que Vencedor” 2nd Album, Including Unreleased 7'EP "Esperame en el Infierno" + Bathory´s Cover. Limited Digipack to 666 Copies.
Country: Colombia
Release Date: Regular CD - September '08 A.D. / Digipack CD - June '08 A.D.
Availability: 9 Euro - 15 Euro / $23.000 Pesos - $45.000 Pesos

"Lado Extremo"

I. Intro Presagio
II. La Gran Ramera
III. Enemigo Oculto
IV. Ave Lucifer
V. Más Que Vencedor

"Lado Lucifero"

VI. Mil Batallas
VII. Culto Sombrío
VIII. Jesus ha Muerto
IX. Sangre de Cristo
X. Pacto con Lucifer
XI.*The Stallion (BATHORY)

Bonus Tracks for Digipack CD
"Espérame en el infierno" 7´EP

XII. Intro
XIII. Espérame en el Infierno
XIV. Mirada de Odio

Nebiros "Más que vencedor"