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NOCTURNAL BREED – The Tools of the Trade – CD  -  HA028 Re-edition 2016 + 3 Bonus Tracks
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NOCTURNAL BREED – Whiskey Tape – Colombia – CD  -  HA025
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December / 18 / ’14




TOTEM “Satanic Pandemonium”
Special Deluxe CD DIGIBOOK A5
Lim. 333 Copies

We have released finally the majesty of the strident and undimensioned legacy of the Left Hand Path… the officially Debut of TOTEM through our label, being a proyect from Cali – Colombia, something unique where is ritualized and evokes in hymns the sujestuve of the human mind. Welcome to the ritualization of the sub-concious… Ave to the Kult…


July / 24 / ’14



This is a homage from Hell Attacks Prods. to WITCHTRAP and by the way to the fans of the band, for those who have faithfully followed his trajectory for 20 years of Metal mania, an endless struggle to exalt the flame on top ... Through these two decades the maker of nightmares has earned the respect and honor at national and international level, being the Colombian band the most promising right now.

WITCHTRAP “No Anesthesia” (20 Años Sin Anestesia) Wooden Box, which includes a case in embossed wood, a Digipack CD from the “No Anesthesia” Album + special Book in semi-leather with interview, rare pictures, etc + keychain bottle opener with the logo band. Limited issue to 350 copies only.




April / 06 / ’15

HELL ATTACKS Productions

…A New Alliance Colombian Purely Under the Ineffable Baphometic Kult...












UTUK XUL (Col) / NOCTURNAL FEELINGS (Col) – Split CD 2015 A.D.

Black Metal Split of both legendary colombian bands. Exclusive tracks and arts for this release, limited to 500 copies only.



Sep/ 01 / ’15

HELL ATTACKS Productions

…The Triologyof the Black Metal Polish, Besatt on Deluxe Digipack CD (Tome), Including Each Tome One Bonus Track From Old Days










HA023-D - Besatt - Hellstorm

Deluxe Digipack CD - Tome III

Limited 333 Copies

HA022-D - Besatt - Hail Lucifer

Deluxe Digipack CD - Tome II

Limited 333 Copies

hHA021-D - Besatt - In Nomine Satanas

Deluxe Digipack CD - Tome I

Limited 333 Copies

May / 06 / ’16



…Unleashing a New Opus


MEPHORASH (Swe) – Sfairá Tis Fotías – Deluxe Hardbook Cover MLP 10’ (Limited to 300 Copies)


Under the Qliphothic Statements, Mephorash Reveals Occult Black Metal
This is a Special Deluxe Edition Collection. The Colored Version on Gold Splatter Vinyl + Poster
Limited to 100 Copies Only and Black Vinyl Limited to 200 Copies.

Splatter Gold Vinyl $25 USD / 24 €/ $80.000 Pesos

Black Vinyl $20 USD / 19 € / $70.000 Pesos

…Desencadenando un Nuevo Opus



December / 12 / ’16


HELL ATTACKS Productions
Presents….Available For Sale Now!!!

…The Norwegian Blackened Legends


NOCTURNAL BREED – Whiskey Tape – Colombia – CD  -  HA025
Album 2016 
Nocturnal Breed's 20th Anniversary Jubilee collectors Album, exclusively made as tribute for the fans of Colombia and Latin American legions. Old several unreleased tracks from ‘90’s and previously unheard. Limited to 1.000 copies only.


NOCTURNAL BREED – Aggressor – CD  -  HA026
Re-edition 2016
Legendary Debut Album ’97 from the Blackened Thrash Metal Kult. Includes 3 bonus tracks from the early days.


NOCTURNAL BREED – No Retreat… No Surrender – CD  -  HA027
Re-edition 2016
Second Album from ’98, Attack from the legendary Blackened Hordes.  Includes 3 bonus tracks from the early days.


NOCTURNAL BREED – The Tools of the Trade – CD  -  HA028
Re-edition 2016
Third Album from ’00. The machine of death present with all its perverted legions. Includes 3 bonus tracks from the epoch.   


Each Album: $12 USD / 11 Eur / $25.000 Pesos

All Albums limited to 1.000 copies, an exclusive license from the band to Hell Attacks Productions.