Title: Devil Metal
Format: CD (Limited 1000 Copies)
Cat. Nr: HA001
Information: Satanic Death Metal. 2 Live Shows, in Lorian (OH) Year 2000 and in Ney York year 2001. Only 1000 Copies.
Country: USA
Release Date: March '01 A.D
Availability: SOLD OUT
...The most Satanic Death Metal Horde from the USA, brings two blasphemous Live Shows. First show in Lorian (OH) year 2000 and show 2 in New York, year 2001. Exclusive and official release on CD. More than 40 minutes of pure fucking aggression and total devastation.
Limited CD to 1000 copies.
"Metal is Death - Death is Metal - Nunslaughter Is Death Metal"

Nunslaughter “Devil Metal”

March 20th ’00 – Show in Lorain (OH)
I. Intro
II. Emperor in Hell
III. The Dead Plague
IV. It Is I
V. Blood for Blood
VI. Killed By the Cross
VII. Satanic
VIII. The Fucking Witch
IX. Burn in Hell
X. Altar of the Dead
XI. Midnight Mass
XII. Inri
March 24th ’01 – Show in New York (NY)
XIII. Fire
XIV. Death By the Death
XV. Obsessed With the Visions of the Satanic Priest
XVI. The Dead Plague
XVII. Nunslaughter
XVIII. In the Graveyard
XIX. The Black Horn of the Ram
XX. Midnight Mass
XXI. Devil Metal
XXII. Atheist Ways
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Track: Satanic