Bombero Nuñez 260 # 44
Recoleta - SANTIAGO
Telefono: 08 - 3876797

First of all, this pathetic jew, contact us to trade as usual, after the 1st trade, no problem. But problems start to happen when he must to send to us a total of 50 tapes and 19 cd´s for a total of 2 Trades (dated back for August 18th - 05), He also shoot us (intimidating words) as he don't get our accorded part that arrived to him the 1st week of September ´05. After Months we have never received anything from this scum and he only claimed 2 months ago that our Postal Office ripped off our pack, let me tell you something, Colombian Postal Service sometimes its delayed but it never stole a packet that contains a "Guide Number (CP407401565CL)" like he claimed that it has. Another Southamerican (Colombia, Bolivia, Argentina...) people have claimed the same. So TRY to avoid this scum. After some calls and claimed that he will sent the stuff, never happened and he just hide.
Avoid This kind of rats emerging from Chile i have received a lot of information claiming the same... Also he know works as ARSENAL OF GLORY, just Boycott this jew and ALL the Record Labels / Distros / Customers that help to this thief!

DUE TO THIS KIND OF INSECTS (and other kind in Chile populating), HELL ATTACKS Prods. will not want to have contact with Labels, Distros from Chile anymore, ¡¡ Listen Chilean scene !! Just boycott those jews that leaves the name of your country in the ground.

UTTGARDLINE Distribution
Postfach 1629
04590 Altenburg

After many months of patience and silence, we have decided add to this Record / Label into our RIP OFF section, where we decapitate them to finish with their putrid attitudes. UTGARDLINE Distribution contact us in a first opportunity to be added with a small ad (Publicitary) into THE REALM OF NACHZEHRER Mag. Opus VII (’04), so we received a first package (without the totality of the agreement) with part of the material against the ad into our Magazine. Well, after this first business, we agree a trade, so we sent to them 22 Cd’s + 3 Magazines, but we never received their part, thousand of messages (e-mails,) and they only answered us a couple times (in ’05), where they said that would send their part + the material which they forgot from the first package for the ad, bla, bla, bla… We have been waiting their material from December ’04 and nothing yet, we don’t have more patience with this kind of plague, so try to cut with all contact with this scum, coz is something strange to see Rip Offs from Germany, but you must to take care!!!


To be honest, we never thought in the possibility to make this section through our Web Site, but due to the permanent increase of the plague of Rip Offs we decided to do this public with specific information about those propensive subjects to steal, swindle and deceit, so take “Warning” the Record – Labels, Distros, Bands, Magazines, etc... when they contact you…
If you have the oportunity to find the next scum, HELL ATTACKS PRODUCTIONS, will give you a REWARD! HALF of the Material or Money that owes us

.… Our Proposal Is Not To Do A Better Humanity, Just Start The Gradual Extinction Of The Most Pauper Of It …

- 0 -

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