The First edition of what through the years would be a Kult... Under the name of NACHZEHRER Zine was opened an opulence cycle of paradigmas into the Black Musik, totally primitive, xeroxed copies... Unholy congregations with ABYSSOS, NACHZEHRUM, AMMIT, PAZUZU (Usa), EMBER, CREEPFOG, EQUINOX, MIASTHENIA, AN EROTIC FUNERAL between others, together to effusive articles of GORGOROTH, BLAZEMTH, ZYKLON-B, SEAR BLISS, PAGANUS DOCTRINA, etc... Mostly of those 33 copies were spreaded to the Black Metal underground, including Labels and other Magazines of the epoch. No review section, due to the lack of material for it.
“Kut Your Flesh... Worship the Goat in His Ineffable Throne... Praise Satan”