The gates of the Realm were open in its 2nd chapter... For those time including 60 A4 pages in total english. Interviews with memorable hordes like AETERNUS, ICONOCLASM (Bel), LUNAR AURORA (Ger), WINTER TALES, HORNA, PENITENT / ARCANE ART, THY GRIEF, AVZHIA (Mex), BLOT MINE, and the German Record Label SOLISTITIUM. Also has been included some articles in a high informative perspective with DODHEIMSGARD, FORBIDDEN SITE, MUSPELLSHEIM (Nor), SUICIDAL WINDS, GOTHY GYDA A A (New Zeland), BORKNAGAR, TROLLTIERN, KAMPFAR, ARMAGEDDON HOLOCAUST (Aust), ALGAION, And a no-metal article “Order of the Black Principle”. The Review section including CD’s, LP´s, EP’s, Magazines in an epitome extension. This piece was printed in 150 copies only.
"The Real of Satanic Arts, Vampiric Topics and Misanthropic Visions is Now... Hail Satan..."