After the several typical inconvenients a third attack saw the twilight. This opportunity showing all the endless power, 47 A4 pages of Ideological as Musical aspects through chats with men behind hordes like LORD BELIAL, DESASTER, TAAKE, HEMLOCK, FOREST OF IMPALED, THY PRIMORDIAL, SETH and a couple more... Also two exclusive interviews with Northwind from I RETURN TO DARKNESS Magazine and Satan Gestapo Part I (ex editor of STREGOICA Magazine), a real satanist reveailig his magnificence. About revealed articles in that issue, NOCTURNAL BREED, DESEKRATOR, URGEHAL, NIGHT CONQUERS DAY, AZURE, VELES and many more... A polemical article under the sign “Black Metal a Satanik Kult or Fashion?”... More than 120 reviews in a honest and developed way. Xeroxed copies and printed cover in 150 copies through the underworld.
“The Blood is Our Wine, The Power of Our Essence... The Essence is the Strenght of Victory... My Honours Are for You... Hail Satan!!!”