After two years of silence has been risen in the 4th opportunity in the most ripping South American underground way. Including transcendental conversations, exploring inhibited ideological and musical topics. With IMPALED NAZARENE, VASSAGO (Swe), ANCIENT RITES, BARATHRUM, MACTATUS, ABIGOR, MORTEM (Per), guest Labels like NEAR DARK Productions, DRAKKAR Productions and an unusual chat with Dahl from ABLAZE Zine (Bel), also adding the Satan’s Gestapo chat Part II. To complete the domain, extensive articles of SATYRICON, MAYHEM, NECROPHAGIA, OBTAINED ENSLAVEMENT, CARPATHIAN FOREST, DIABOLICUM, THY INFERNAL and other ones... The ideological section with a sarcastic article, “Satan: Seems as Anthropomorphic Creature of Natural States”. More than 100 reviews without compromises. The 4th Opus was published in 300 copies pro printed.
“Under the Flames of Hell... Summons in the Name of Enthroned Horned God... Honours for You... Hail Satan!!!”