So strong than ever, still Satanic as the beginning... Yes the OPUS V out from the lands of death. In conspiracy spreading the seeds of blasphemy and unleashing the fury through chats with GORGOROTH, KHOLD, RAGNAROK, BLOODTHORN, BEWITCHED, BESATT, CENTURIAN, THY INFERNAL, NAER MATARON, etc... In complement an intense dialogue with Odin from MORIBUND Records / NAPALM Records America. By the way a manifesto full of informative topics into each article with WITCHTRAP (Col), DARK FORTRESS, FOG, ABYSS RITUAL Magazine (Col) and more... Also an extensive article divided in 3 parts: “The Benefict of Blasphemy”, “Some Personal Opinions Regarding Satanism and Neo-Satanism” and “¿What Is Meaning of the Number 666 Revelations?”. Also the characteristic objective review section. A return to the old underground essence through 150 copies only, in xeroxed copies with printed cover.
“Under The Satan’s Wrath... And Metal Attacks... In Blasphemy... Hail Satan!!!”