... And the nightmare continues... Yes, this isn’t for whom like commercial, standard and typical shit. Well, one more time has been risen the flag of victory and so invade the inhibited minds with our Blackest expresions (Black Musik) and satanik visions through more than 60 A4 pages. This time summons of creatures from the “True Black Metal Essence”.... Acts with Nornagest from ENTHRONED / THE BEAST, King ov Hell with GORGOROTH, Nag and TSJUDER, Trondr in URGEHAL, the HADES ALMIGHTY with Jorn, DEATH SRTIKE Records / FRONT BEAST / NOCTURNAL, Dagon with INQUISITION, Adrastos and SEEDS OF HATE, Azrter and Utsumalagan with DENIAL OF GOD / HORROR RECORDS / TORNADO Magazine and Daan with SATANS METAL Records. The section of articles with high potential like NARGAROTH, WIGRID, CULT OF DAATH, CRAFT and UTUK XUL. An article from “The Black Book Of Satan”, including the “Satanic Rituals and Practices” Part I. A evolutive perspective in more than 100 reciews, no compromises.
“Under Horned God Possession... In Blasphemy... Kill for Metal, Kill for Satan!!!”