Title: Infernal Allegiance - First Possession
Format: Regular CD / Digipack CD (Limited 333 Copies)
Cat. Nr: HA010

Demo From '96 "The Decian Empire" and Demo '97 "Consecration of the Evil Made Flesh".

Country: USA
Release Date: February '06 A.D.
Availability: 9 Euro - 9,50 Euro / $23.000 Pesos - $25.000 Pesos
This assault contains the Demo from ´96 "The Dacian Empire" and the "Consecration of Evil Made Flesh" Demo ´97.Just expect more than Antichristian Genocidal Raw US Black Metal. The Digi CD version Includes Inside the exclusive “Infernal Allegiance” Poster. Digipack Edition Limited to 333 copies.
¡¡¡"To the hordes of nameless philistines who feel they are geographically blessed in their musical endeavors. Bow your heads in mortal servitude for the truest black bleeds from the heart, not from the soil"!!!
Swornghoul-1996 Año Bastard


“Infernal Allegiance – First Possession”

“First Possession”

I. Beyond of the Horns of the Crescent Moon
II. Dacian Empire
III. The Spawn of Nabu (Seven Are They)
IV. Storming the Heavens

“Infernal Allegiance”

V. Consecration of Evil Made Flesh
VI. Dominions of Darkness
VII. Everlasting Sierge of the Necrosoldiers
VIII: Ancient Path
IX. Liking the Virgin’s Mary Cunt
X. Thrones of Suspiria

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Track: Dacian Empire