Title: Total Hate
Format: CD (Limited 999 Copies)
Cat. Nr: HA007
Information: German Black Metal, Debut Demo + 3 Exclusive Tracks for This CD.
Country: Germany
Release Date: July '04 A.D
Availability: 8 Euro / $20.000 Pesos (LAST COPIES)
The Satanic German Kult... Cruel, raw, primitive, and blasting devotion, which can turns an impious manifesto against the mankind and all the uninvolved minds that are slaves of the prejudices... The attack begins with ex-members of SEEDS OF HATE. This CD contains the first Total Hate demo and three exclusive bonus tracks.
Limited to 999 hand-numbered copies only.
“...And every spirit that confessed not that jesus christ is come in the flesh is
not of god: and this is that spirit of antichrist, ye have heard that it should come; and even
now already is it in the world...”

Total Hate “Total Hate”

I. Intro – Total Hate
II. Death of Mankind
III. Creatures in the Mist
IV. Demons Are Calling My Name
V. The Immortal Witch
VI. Triumph of Hell
VII. Bloodperversion
VIII: Outro
IX. In the Halls of the Tortured Souls*
X. Return of the Witch*
XI. White Eyes*