Artist: UTUK XUL
Title: The Goat of the Black Possession
Format: CD
Cat. Nr: HA005

Debut Album, Satanic Holocaustic Black Metal.

Country: Colombia
Release Date: July '03 A.D
Availability: SOLD OUT (Temporally)
...And the Extreme Satanik Black Metal continues with the Kult... Total destruction for all the enslaved minds... Pure Satanik Art for imposing elite of the world in the cult of the abyss. Highly recommended 7 hymns into the summons of the ancient lord of the light... Devilry, fast Black Metal which submerges with a destructive sound from the deep hell. Into and Outro are a real ritual on live based in the black mass, that ceremony was under the orientation of the 77 names...
European CD Version licensed to From Beyond Prods. from Holland, limited to 1000 copies.
¡¡“Crush the Wretched and Weak... This is the Law of the Stronger... This is the Law and Joy of the World"!!

Utuk Xul

“The Goat of the
Black Possession”

I. The Goat of the Black Possession
(Prelude of the Ritual)
II. Snake of the Abyss
III. Vision of the Fire
IV. The Ancient God of the Light (Part II)
V. Allax Xul
VI. Whispers of Typhared
VII. The Goat of the Black Possession

(End of the Ritual)