...The Ancient Elements Flow Over Your Spirit"

From the summons of the abyss, where the whispers of fundament of the 9th sphere aligns with the emancipated unlimited light, the emanation revealed into the matriarchal kult... from those lost and deep horizons arise the 2nd album of this Colombian Abyssic Black Metal kult. 10 Hymns, divided in two chapters, where the band has expressed two different statements into the Musickal / Magickal expressions.
Slipcase CD Limited to 333 copies with big official Poster.
"When the Whispers of Yessod are Inside You...
Artist: UTUK XUL
Title: Whispers of Yessod
Format: Regular CD / Slipcase CD (Limited 333 Copies)
Cat. Nr: HA014

2nd Album, Divided in Part I and Part II. Slipcase CD Version Limitado to 500 Copies.

Country: Colombia
Release Date: September '07 A.D
Availability: 8 Euro - 9 Euro / $20.000 Pesos - $25.000

I. Intro - Lugnashad
II. Candles in Lugnashad
III. From the Spirits of Earth
IV. By the Ancient Fragments
V. Intro 2 – Disolution of the Whispers of Wind
VI. Road of Destruction
VII. Splendor of Satan
VIII. Blood of Path
IX. Satanic Command
X. Outro

Utuk Xul “Whispers of Yessod”

Clik to stop the music
Track: Satanic Command