Title: Sorceress Bitch
Format: CD Sold Out / Cassette Limited 300 Last Copies / Special Digipack CD Limited 500 Copies.
Cat. Nr: HA003

Debut Album '02 From the Colombian Thrashing Metal, 35 Minutes of Very High Musical Level.

Country: Colombia
Release Date:

1st CD Pressing October '02 A.D / 2nd CD Pressing June '03 A.D. / 3rd CD Pressing May '05 / Cassette Presing July '06 A.D / Especial Digipack CD Pressing en Diciembre ´09 A.D.

Availability: SOLD OUT

Debut Album 2002, Colombian Thrashing Metal in the most killer old DESTRUCTION / KREATOR vein. You decide to exalt your old Thrasher tastes. If you are looking for the 80's loaded of disry sound, speed, Rocking riffs, loudness and free of any modern contamination... Yes should get this masterpiece of Bestial Metal lunacy. 35 minutes of heavy, fast and loud Witching Metal.

-Regular CD
-Cassette LP Limited to 300 copies
-Special Digipack CD Limited to 500 with special embossed the logo and the Witch, also different arts. First 120 copies include a Key Chain of the Logo's band.

LP version licensed to Ordealis Records, limited to 500 hand-numbered copies.
Picture LP version licensed to Utterly Somber Creations, limited to 300 copies.

No Posers
No Trendies
No Gothic
No Pallid Motherfuckers
No Fashion
No Folk

Witchtrap “Sorceress Bitch”

“Lado Sorceress”

I. Dark Lord
II: Ripping Torment
III. Death of the Night
IV. Sorceress Bitch

“Lado Bitch”

V. Gypsy Ritual – Face of Evil
VI. Black Angel
VII. Total Sacrifice – Violent Force
VIII: Metal War

¡Thta's Why We Are Witching Metal!
Dark Moon
Volcanic Metal Tunes
Burning Axe Ripper
Black Spells, evil Curses & Death Scimitar
Earthquake Boring Machine