MEPHORASH - Sfairá Tis Fotías - Deluxe Hardbook Cover MLP 10’ (Black Vinyl Lim. 200 Copies)
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Hell Attacks Productions As A Kult

Under Our Isolationism...


...And all what was silence, is a shinning Magneficence towards the empty of Kaosmos... So, HELL ATTACKS Productions is a plataform for those isolated magicians / philosophers with innate creative minds, which their dynamism has done of them a divine illusion and behind a human aspect they express their arts. Although the principal interest from us was / is and will be the exaltation of the Black Metal Kult, we have gotten a suggestive and natural propensity towards the different magikal / philosophical expressions which involve us into the Musik that crosses the mysterious line of time, space and the light, where the different individuals behind each horde, band are more than simple musicians with temporal paradigmas and perspectives, coz they are adepts to the other path, into our path, with an oblique expansion of many currents from Luciferianists, Satanists, Sethians, Thelemits, Kaotics, Sumerianists, Chamanists or simple Magicians with an inherent philosophy (politic) based in the “True Honour”, “True Ethic” of the Individual to shape in a own statement...

We are not part of the “Scene Game” nowadays, we don’t follow a established hyphen, on the contrary we feed an ineffable flame which must be shed to the real Individual worshipers of pure Devotion. First off, you see mostly of our releases are limited, this isn’t part of a trend, coz neither the limited versions doesn’t mean “Underground”... Our real intention is to spread the just quantity of copies for those subjects which want to pay for what they “Love”, a simple profit / medium from both parts, the buyer get what his Musikal / Ideological tastes are looking for and the seller (for us) get support to feed a definited Musikal / Ideological objective through the evolution of the Record / Label, that’s as a kind of alliance (although mostly of the “Buyers” have sold their souls, that’s part of a compulsive transfiguration). The Re-pressed editions for Limited versions are absolutely abolished in our purposes, perhaps you will find licenses of those limited releases but on other Format and limited yet. HELL ATTACKS Productions never will support the market or releases of CDR’s, so if many of this “Mediocre” scene call them-selves “Elite”, so what kind of sub-humanoid perception they have of this musical medium?. Many of the “Bootleg” releases (CDs, LP’s, etc...) from “Bootleg” Pseudo-Record / Labels which are under our “Distribution”, they are part of a dynamism of our Mail-order, but through the time many of those few “Illegal” Record / Labels will disappear in their poor clandestinely with their “Bootlegs Releases” as kind of an extirpated larva. Our position is to exalt and support those true Record / Labels which handle “Honesty” and “Ethic” into their activities... This can sounds as an aphorism, but that’s the truth!!!

Under Our Eteric Sign...

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MEPHORASH - Sfairá Tis Fotías - Deluxe Hardbook Cover MLP 10’ + Poster (Gold Splatter Vinyl Lim. 100 Copies)
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