Artist: MORBID
Title: From the Dark
Format: T-shirt
Cat. Nr: HA-MOR -TS
Information: Exclusive and limited TS, a license from DEMON SEEDS Recs. (USA) for H.A. Prods.
Front: Creative design from Ereshkigal, with a picture full of blasphemy, a demonic creature showing the domain of the female flesh, spreading his semen through her sodomized body, logo band in red.
Back: A big MORBID logo in red and a memorable hymns to the Dead’s band: “AVE MORBID… R.I.P!!!” in red. Both sleeves on the T-shirt with the vampire symbol of MORBID in red.
Country: Sweden
Release Date: November ’07 A.D.
Availability: 12 Euro – 15 Euro / $28.000 Pesos - $45.000 Pesos